Prime Potions Is The Leading Supplier Of Premium, Natural & Organic Health & Beauty Products


Prime Potions is a manufacturer, distributor and marketer of health and beauty care products. We create and distribute natural and organic hair, skin and cosmetic products to wholesale and retail customer segments in North America. We serve International locations through a network of partners and affiliates. Based in Vancouver British Columbia with operations in Toronto Ontario we provide marketing, sales and distribution services to our clients. Our employees include a national sales force featuring inside sales support and marketing services. We offer inventory management and warehousing services to our clients at our head office location. We also export our products to overseas markets upon request.

We represent multiple manufacturing and product marketing companies by offering our customers a full service, private label, product and service offering which includes research and development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales services.

  • "Prime Potions is absolutely superb!! Since hiring the Prime Potions team to address several challenges and performance weaknesses of my product line and sales approach, they responded promptly with an amazing plan and were relentless until my problems were solved and my product was back on the market. Thank you for your dedication and support."
    ~ Rodney Blake, Toronto, Ont
  • "If you're looking for one company to handle all of your needs from marketing, sales, product development and customer service , I would highly recommend you call Prime Potions. Their creativity, innovation and integrity are second to none."
    ~ Karen Schaffer, Vice President, Vancouver BC
  • "Since meeting representatives from Prime Potions a few years ago, I was introduced to some amazing brands that changed my life. I love all of their product lines especially Sappho Cosmetics and Sa Avani organic skin care. Their dedication to performance while not compromising purity is what makes them great!"
    ~ Emily Lee, Victoria BC